An interview with our Program Manager, Mr. Sean Spencer, about the Young Leaders of Tomorrow leadership program

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How would you describe this program in a nutshell?

Basically, this is a program to help train students to be ready for whatever life has in store for them.  They will have the opportunity to gain the confidence to be a leader, and learn some of the essential skills needed to succeed in university and in future jobs. We make this available in two formats. The first is a credit option, and the second is a non-credit extracurricular option, which allows students to work at their own pace and in line with their class schedule. Of course, along the way they will have fun, and make lifelong friends.

How does the leadership program tie in with Braemar’s overall mission?

By teaching and showing students integrity, compassion, and putting them first.  Students get to see our integrity and learn how to show us and others theirs through challenges, practice leadership training and coaching.  They learn how integrity is a key element to school, family, friends and future jobs. We train them to have compassion for themselves and others around them. We always approach our activities, teaching and discipline at Braemar with students first attitude ensuring in all that we do that the student is always our number one priority.

What is your philosophy in developing this program?

When a young student is living away from home for the first time, and in a different culture, in a different language, they face many challenges. This can certainly be a difficult time. However, experience has shown that it is through overcoming difficulties that we grow in strength, learn, and mature. So I have always seen the difficulty that all students face as an opportunity. We take advantage of that. With the right kind of support and encouragement, young people are able to do incredible things. Does that count as a philosophy?

What have been some of the most satisfying parts of running this leadership program?

That’s a hard question to answer! Probably, if I had to give one answer, it’s seeing all the potential getting unlocked. This can be in little things, too. Seeing a student who was always very shy and introspective making a speech. Seeing a student who was once having difficulty now getting good marks…That sort of thing.

What kind of feedback have the students given you about the program?

I’m really glad you asked that. The feedback has been very good. But, you see, it has also been essential. So many of the ideas have come from the students themselves. In a sense, we have built this together. Another thing I’ve been hearing from the students—more and more universities and employers are becoming interested in extra-curricular content. Maybe you are a student with good marks…Well, that’s great, of course, but often schools and employers will want to know more about you. This leadership skills programs is a really effective way to give them an idea what you are all about.

What’s the next stage of the Young Leaders of Tomorrow?

Well that’s not something I can answer on my own. It’s also a matter of the students who come and what they bring to the program. But more generally I’d say there are two things. The first is the leadership camp—a weekend when the whole team gets away to focus more intensely on the key skills. And then the other is connecting the program to some of the great resources here in this wonderful city. There’s so much going on, in sports, in culture—but also in the area of youth leadership. We’ll be looking to tap into that for sure. So the future is bright.

If you have any questions about the Young Leaders of Tomorrow program please feel free to contact Sean at